Jenny Hayes
The people’s anatomy educator

The students - that’s the thing I love. And so, every year I think that bunch of students is the best ever.” (Laughter) “It’s true! I think it’s just the warmth and reaction from the students, and thats been a continual thing.


I burn the midnight oil sometimes but it's not that bad because I love it. Then I run and swim and go to the gym. I'm a bit of an exercise freak. I'm sure everyone knows all this. And I'm a sports tragic, I'm a football and cricket tragic. So my weekends are totally around sport. I'm usually at the MCG. That's about it. I read, cook, travel a bit.


Tony Goodwin, who was our Head of Department, two Heads of Department ago. He lectured me actually when I was a student, and ended up my Head of Department. He was one of those people that had great faith - everyone needs someone going through their career that has great faith in you I think. He was the person who pulled me into his office and actually anatomy was going really badly at the time: it was really low in student feedback - actually a lot of negativity. He just pulled me in and said, "I think you can fix this. Can you fix this?" and I said, “If you think I can, I'd better have a go."


I encourage students, and I say this quite openly, to never forget the privilege that the patients afford us.

No patient for me was ever, a list of tests or results, or a treatment I had instituted and then follow up.

I actually found it a tough job being a doctor and a GP because I just felt that connection and sense of responsibility. I'd go in on weekends to check on patients, I'd ring them when they went home. When I was a GP if I'd seen a mom with a sick kid I'd ring her at 10 o'clock at night to make sure the child had gone to sleep and she wasn't still worrying.


Believe in yourself. I think that the people that actually are successful in life, are not necessarily the most talented or the most supported or even the healthiest. They are the people that believe in themselves and actually have a goal and are hellbent on achieving it.

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